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2023 Boys AAU Program

4th through 11th grade Teams


Overview:  In the spring of 2014, CYA started the Boys AAU Program with a dual purpose:

  1. To give members of our community an opportunity to strengthen fundamental basketball skills and play at a higher level of competition during the spring season; and
  2. To foster continuity on the travel teams by giving players an opportunity to play together beyond the winter season

Tryouts for the AAU teams will begin in February.  The AAU season generally runs from mid-March through the end of July.  The head coach will determine the number of tournaments the team will enter each month, but it will be approximately 2 weekend tournaments per month.  Each team will hold 2 practices per week.  Players involved in other sports during the spring may try out.  It is in the head coach’s discretion to determine how many “dual-sport” players to pick for his team.

Process:  The preliminary 2023 Tryout Schedule will be posted under the “Boys AAU” tab.  Confirm that your son meets the eligibility requirements for the team for which you are interested in trying out. Information on eligibility can be found on the “2023 AAU Eligibility” page under the “Boys AAU” tab. 

Before you can attend a tryout, you must pre-register on the CYA main website.  Go to the link to "Register for CYA Basketball" on left side of home page and you will be directed to the main CYA website.  Make sure you have a CYA account before you register.  Register your player for "CYA Basketball Try-outs (Travel & AAU)- Spring 2023 AAU Tryouts".  There is no fee to tryout for an AAU team.

If your player is selected for an AAU Team, you will be required to pay a registration fee which will cover a certain number of tournaments and overhead costs.  The 2023 fee will vary depending on the team's tournament schedule and length of season.  Once the team has established a tournament schedule, a player might be required to pay more depending on the number of tournaments entered by his team.

Overall cost:  Cost will vary depending on age group, division and the number of tournaments played. The cost of all grade levels includes the following:

            Tournament Registration Fees

            CYA Administrative costs and player insurance

            Gym Space



The overall cost does not include uniform costs or travel/lodging costs.  Those additional expenses will be the responsibility of the individual families.   CYA AAU teams typically wear CYA travel uniforms, which are new this season.  If an AAU team chooses to use the current travel uniform and two players on the same team have a duplicate number, CYA will cover the cost of providing one player with a new jersey.  If a player does not have a travel uniform, the cost will be $85 to $110.

If you have any questions, please contact Adrian Bermudez (aidsturf@yahoo.com).