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Announcing the 2014-15 Chantilly Elite Coaches:

Commissioner:  Craig Ballam

4th Grade girls:
      Cliff Toma

5th Grade Girls:
       Marchello Squirewell & Teddy Whitney

6th Grade Girls:
       Leland Moore/Tom Watson

7th Grade Girls
       Danielle Miller/Carley Greenleif

8th Grade Girls:
       Michael Clinton

9th Grade Girls:
        Craig Ballam

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Craig Ballam (9th Grade and 6th Grade):

Coach Ballam's philosophy is to develop core basketball skills, an appreciation for the game, and a dedicated work ethic. He does not run complicated plays, opting instead to run basic plays that teach the players the fundamentals of the game, and by seasons end are always one of the top teams. He instills confidence in the players and a love of the game.  Strong team spirit, dedication, teamwork and good sportsmanship are staples of his coaching philosophy.

Previous Coaching Experience:  
CYA Boys 5th grade house
Fairfax Stars Summer league boys 7th grade D1 – two seasons
CYA 6th grade girls house (Winter and Spring)
CYA 4th grade girls house – while serving as the league administrator
Vogues AAU Summer League 4th grade girls D1 (2007)
Girls AAU Summer League 6th grade girls D2 (2007)
Three CYA Select seasons (1st place regular season twice and 1st place in playoffs one season, never below 2nd place)
Hoop Magic AAU 4th grade girls (1st place in BRYC tournament)
Sixth grade Hoop Magic girls AAU winter, playing in boys league (1st place in playoffs)

And several 6th, 7th, and 8th grade AAU girls teams for the Western Fairfax Mustangs and BRYC

Tom Watson: (6th Grade Girls and 7th Grade Girls)

Coach Watson has been coaching Basketball for nearly 20 years. Coach Watson currently is in his 9th season coaching at Centreville High School, during his tenure there he has been the Head Varsity Coach for the past 2 seasons and Assistant Varsity and JV Head Coach for the 7 other seasons. Coach Watson has coached AAU basketball for 11 years coaching for the Fairfax Stars and the WFBC Mustangs. Coach Watson was one of the first coaches for WFBC to work the “Show Case” basketball circuit coaching showcase teams traveling to events focusing on basketball scholarships and recruiting.
High Lights:
2012-13 High School District Champions (first time in 20 years at CVHS) 24-3 record
2010-11 CVHS JV 16-0 Record (JV Team scored over 1000 points that season)
2011 AAU 9th Place Nationals
2011 AAU Deep South Champions (Showcase event)
2011 AAU Boo Williams Champions
2011 AAU ESPN Invitational (only 8 team’s nationwide participated invite only)
2010 AAU 8th Place Nationals
2009 AAU 6 Showcase events 4 top 4 finishes.
2007 13/14 FCYBL Champions Thanksgiving and Christmas Tournament Champions
2004 Total Record Team 63-8 FCYBL-AAU-Summer League
Coach Watson cannot emphasize enough “fundamentals” as you cannot build anything from an empire to a team to an individual player without the proper ground work or fundamentals. Skills development along with fundamental education of basketball schemes and court awareness should be and are worked on at every practice Coach Watson is involved with. Coach Watson believes the game of basketball has changed completely with regards to women’s basketball. Coach Watson focuses on transition basketball on both ends of the floor challenging his players offensively and defensively to use the skill sets they develop to push and press the ball with explosive confidence. Coach Watson believes hard work and the commitment to getting better are the ingredients for success, with that said he also believes that players must be able to fail before they can succeed without being over penalized for trying and testing their skills.

Joe Thompson: (6th Grade)

My philosophy about coaching in general (and basketball specifically) is that team sports are the best opportunity for school- aged children to gain an understanding of the teamwork and life skills necessary to succeed in life.  Winning is not my goal, it is a by-product of having a joy and energy for the game and making good decisions on and off the court.  Players perform best when they know they are valued, when they are given positive reinforcement for the things they do well, and when they are given direct instruction on how to compensate for the skills that are less developed.  Players at this age and skill level should be developing a high Basketball IQ.  They should know all the rules, and they should understand situations and anticipate the types of offensive and defensive adjustments necessary to compete in a game situation.  Not only should players at this age be developing a love of the game, but they should be developing a respect for their opponents and the benefits true sportsmanship offers throughout life.
Previous Coaching Experience: 

  • 12 years as a Varsity Assistant in basketball at Robinson, Oakton, Lake Braddock, and Hayfield
  • Freshmen and JV Head Coach
  • 3 Northern regional Championships and 5 trips to the VA AAA state championships
  • 20 years as a varsity assistant and head coach in football 3 Northern Region Championships and 1 State Championship
  • Fairfax Youth Football Hall of Fame coach of the year and Gameday Magazine coach of the year 2005 and 2008
  •  3 years as Varsity assistant and JV head coach in Baseball
  • Volunteer youth coach for 4 years in boys and girls basketball

Other Qualifications:

  • I have National certification in coaching, first aid and concussion awareness.
  • I have been the head coach of a program of over 180 football players per year.
  • My father was one of the state’s most successful coaches at the high school level for 30 plus years.  I have been an assistant coach in his programs, and others, for over 12 years. 
  • I have run camps and clinics teaching youth basketball for over 20 years, starting when I was 17 years old.
  • I am eager to work with the 5th grade girls to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

Leland Moore: (6th Grade and will assist with 7th Grade)

Coach Moore is in his second year of his second run with the Centerville Girls High School Basketball Program as a Varsity Assistant.  Previously Coach Moore has worked with all levels of the Centerville Program from 2002 – 2009.  Additionally, Coach Moore has had extensive involvement in AAU coaching with the Potomac Valley Vogues and Western Fairfax Mustangs dating back to 2001.  He has been involved in AAU coaching at multiple age groups, from regional 5th and 6th grade teams; to High School age Showcase Teams competing at a national level in major college recruiting tournaments such as Deep South Classic and Penn State Blue Chip.  As part of his duties at Centerville, he was in charge of curriculum development for the basketball camps sponsored by Centerville in 2002-2004.
            Coach Moore has been part of a revitalization of the Centerville program; building upon its recent overall success to take a team that had 7 district loses in 2011-2012 to a Concorde District Championship with only 1 district loss in 2012-2013 season and making their first Washington Post Top 20 appearance since 1995. 
Coach Moore has coached and trained kids since 2001. He focuses on fundamentals regardless of the age group he is coaching.  This has been reinforced when he sees players enter a high school program without the foundation to succeed.  For a player to truly trust their abilities, they must have the building blocks needed to succeed.  Coach Moore also understands the learning cycle of try, fail, and then succeed.  A player can’t succeed unless they are willing to try and the coach is willing to let them try.  He also believes that you can’t just tell an athlete what to do when teaching the sport.  The “Why” is just as important as the “How” when instructing so that the concepts can be applied in multiple situations.  The combination of fundamental skills and situational awareness provide key assets to the developing player that makes them valuable to not only their current team, but provides the basis for future success.  When coaching younger players, Coach Moore’s focus is to give them the skill set and experience necessary so they are trusted and capable when on the floor in key situations later in their basketball careers. 
     * Assistant varsity basketball coach Centerville High School 
    * AAU Coaching Experience since 2001
    * Girls Basketball Camp Director
Contact information: 

Cliff Toma: (4th Grade Girls)

Coach Toma has been involved with youth sports for over 10 years.   His AAU and Showcase coached teams for Western Fairfax Basketball Club (WFBC) have qualified for Nationals each year and placing 17th, 24th, 9th (classic), 22nd, and 8th.  He also has coached travel for CYA D1, Herndon D1, and Reston D2 teams.  This will be his first year with the Chantilly Elite Program. 
Basketball is about confidence and a player develops confidence by encouragement and learning the skills necessary to perform on the court.  Coach Toma focuses on teaching the fundamental skills on both sides of the ball and runs offenses with constant movement and touches.   The players are encouraged to be inventive, try-out their moves, shoot, and play hard.  He believes this is particularly important at the early ages when the players are learning to love the game.  He does not mind dual sport players, but asks that the player be upfront and fair to both sports.  On his team, players will work hard while building a team spirit and an enjoyment for the game of basketball.
Michael Clinton: (8th Grade Girls)

Coach Clinton is currently the Assistant Girls Varsity Coach at Chantilly High School

Coaching Experience:
Head Assistant Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Herndon High School 2003-2013
Head Women's Basketball Coach Joplin Senior High School Joplin, MO 1999-2000
Head Women's Basketball Coach Kansas Newman College Wichita, KS 1993-1998
Head Men's JR Varsity Basketball Coach and Assistant to Varsity Emporia State University Emporia, KS 1900-1992
Assistant Men's Varsity Basketball Coach Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, MO 1988-1990

IN 21 years of Coaching:
10 years NCAA Division II
1990-1991 District 10 Champion NCAA Tournament
1991-1992 District 16 Champion NCAA Tournament

Danielle Miller: (7th Grade Girls)

Coach Miller is in her second season as one of the Assistant Coaches at Centreville High School for their Girls’ Varsity Basketball Program. Coach Miller has been part of the regeneration of the Centreville program; building upon its recent success to take a team that had a 14-10 season in 2011-2012, to finish the 2012-2013 season with a 24-3 record, a District Title (the first District Title the program has won in 20 years), and finishing the season as a Northern Region Semi-finalist. In 2011, Coach Miller coached as an Assistant to Coach Watson for the WFBC Mustangs U14 Show Case team competing at a national level in major college recruiting tournaments such as the Deep South Classic and the AAU-ESPN Women’s Rise National Tournament. Coach Miller played 4 years of Division III basketball at Lynchburg College. Miller was a tenacious guard, who capitalized on her defensive skill set, and served as team captain for three of her four seasons. Miller grew up in Northern Virginia, where she played two years of Varsity basketball for Westfield High School. 

 Coach Miller has over 15 years of playing experience, 8 years at the competitive level, and has coached since 2011. She pulls largely from her playing experience to teach the intangibles of the game. She is largely defensive and rebounding focused as she feels the true heart of a player is most evident on the defensive end of the floor. Miller also focuses on teaching girls and young women how to really play basketball focusing on the values of a team, and how to react to different situations on the court. Miller’s philosophy is to teach the girl’s the value of hard work, while enjoying and being successful in a sport that they love.
    * Assistant varsity basketball coach Centreville High School 
    * AAU Coaching Experience
    * 15 years overall playing experience, 8 years at the competitive level.

Carly Greenlief: (7th Grade Girls)
Coach Greenlief grew up in Fairfax, where she played four years of basketball for Westfield High School and 5 years of AAU with Lessons Learned Hoops coached by Cheryl Yarbrough and Alex Harris. Coach Greenlief then attended Lynchburg College where she started all four years for their Women’s Basketball Team. Greenlief was a fierce shooting guard who had a great midrange to 3-point shot. Coach Greenlief has coached 4th-6th grade girls on through the SYA house league and currently is the girl’s freshmen Assistant Coach for Centreville High School.
Coach Greenlief has over 15 years of playing experience, 10 years at the competitive level. One thing she was always taught throughout her basketball career was that teams win games, not players. That fundamental fact has stuck with her throughout her life. She strives to instill that value in her players, trusting that it will help to guide them on and off the court.
            Another key factor in her makeup, as a coach and former player, was the perfection and use of basketball fundamentals. She believes that playing a complete game or winning the game comes down to fundamentals. Anything from boxing out and correct defensive stance to ones follow through and bounce pass technique are points of emphasis to her. She knows that these factors, cohesively brought together with every player, will create a well-rounded and steady team.

  • Assistant freshmen basketball coach Centreville High School
  • SYA level experience 4th-6th
  • 15 years overall playing experience, 10 years at the competitive level 

Kathy Frongello: (7th Grade Girls)

Coach Frongello is in her third year at Centreville High School. She is completing her first year as the Freshman Head Coach and served as the Freshman Assistant the two years prior.   She has also served on the coaching staff at the Centreville High School Summer Basketball Camp program. 
 Before joining the coaching staff at Centreville High School, Coach Frongello has been affiliated with the Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) house and travel basketball programs since 2005.  She has been involved in the coaching and developing of both male and female players of all levels from 4th grade through high school.  Many of her former players have gone on to play for their respective high school teams
            Coach Frongello is committed to teaching the fundamentals of play.  With this solid foundation, a player can feel confident in developing their game to the next level of play.  She feels that understanding “why” is just as important as knowing the “what” to do on the court.  She feels that a player’s greatest skill is game awareness.  

  • Nation Federation of High School Associations (NFHS): Coaching Fundamentals.
  • NFHS certifications in Sports First Aid and Concussions in Sports.
  • American Heart Association certifications in CPR and AED.



Teddy Whitney  (5th Grade Girls)

Teddy Whitney is a native of Fairfax County, and graduated from Fairfax High. He has played and coached basketball for many years. In the past he has coached freshman boys at Fairfax HS, freshman girls and assisted varsity at Robinson HS. He currently coaches varsity girls basketball at Freedom High School in South Riding. He has coached girls AAU for a number of years for the Gym Rats and Vogues organizations. He has also coached football at both the high school and youth club levels. Overall he has 20 years of experience coaching boys and girls of all ages and levels. Coach Whitney's teams have finished in the Top 10 in the AAU Nationals the past three years. 

Marchello Squirewell  (5th Grade Girls)

Here's a little more info about my background:
-I have lived in Fairfax County my whole life, and played football and basketball for Chantilly High School.
-I have experience coaching several age groups, from kindergarten to high school aged kids.
-I have coached both high school girls and boys basketball for SYA.
-I currently coach the varsity running backs for Fairfax High School.
-I have a proven record of winning and have many championships under my belt.
-I have 2 daughters who currently play travel basketball and will be playing AAU this spring, including my 5th grader, Kaya, who will be on my team.
My coaching philosophy: My goal as a team is to compete athletically at the highest level. I stress the importance of being a lifetime learner, not only on the court, but in the classroom as well. I focus on the fundamentals because I believe that success is doing the little things right. I stress the importance of goal-setting and then working to achieve those goals by practice, practice, practice. It is also important to me to build confidence in my players by making sure they are not only learning, but having fun.