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2015 CYA Girls AAU

Chantilly Youth Association


Girls 4th grade through 11th grade

“Always Looking for Great Coaches”
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 Overall cost will vary depending on the age group, the division, and the number of tournaments played.  The cost of all the levels includes the following:

  • Tournament Registration Fees
  • CYA Administrative costs and player insurance
  • Gym space
  • Equipment

4th grade developmental teams

  • Core costs approximately $250
  • The focus is on introducing the players to the AAU style of basketball and will be a lighter schedule than the older and more advanced teams
  • Approximately 6 to 7 tournaments

5th - 7th grade Regional Teams

  • Core costs approximately $350-$400
  • Focus is on moving the players to the next level of play and competitiveness with additional tournaments and opportunities
  • Approximately 7-9 for Regional tournaments

6th - 8th grade National

  • Core costs approximately $500-$600
  • The focus is preparing the players for High School basketball
  • Approximately 9-11 tournaments (One or two drivable overnight trips)

High School Lower Grades

  • Core costs approximately $500-600  
  • The focus is preparing the players for Varsity High School Basketball
  • Approximately 10-12 Tournaments (Two drivable overnight trips)

High School Upper Grades

  • Core costs should be approximately $700
  • The focus
    • Preparing for college basketball for those interested
    • Preparing for High School varsity basketball
  • Approximately 3 showcase tournaments for a total of around 12 tournaments

The costs do not include any travel or lodging for the away tournaments or Uniform Costs.  That is paid by the individual families.  Uniforms will cost $75.00 if you need a new one.  We will keep all costs down to a minimum to make the program as cost effective as possible.  We understand that many of these players will be participating in duel sports and will do what we can to accommodate those players.