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Mission Statement:


The mission of the CYA Purple Reign is to develop student athletes and develop character on and off the hardwood. Our goal is to provide each member of our program with the skills and basketball IQ to help them get to the next level - whatever that may be. We will pride ourselves on being the premier AAU program that develops all-around basketball players who learn "position-less basketball" and the "holistic approach". Our staff will work closely with the high school coaches to help prepare our players learn the concepts and principles of the programs they will attend and hopefully flourish with.




We are NOT a shoe sponsored program. We are not going to be about championships in the first season of competition. Our goal will be to prepare these young men for the next level of competition (middle school team, freshman, JV, varsity, etc...). The tournaments we enter will not be the ones that NCAA D1 coaches are at if we don't have that caliber of talent. We want to set these CYA Purple Reign players up for success, and we want to be great role models throughout the process. Coaches will be open-minded and willing to develop themselves as coaches and willing to adapt their coaching methods to better serve our players. This will be a process, Rome was NOT built overnight and we will NOT take shortcuts.


Our relationship with the public high school coaches will help us grow OUR program and we will get a solid foundation that will make us a program families turn to so that their basketball players will get to that next level and have fun during their experience. Our players will have a leg up on the competition when it comes to tryouts for those public school teams since they will be familiar with terminology, offensive sets and defensive principles since the high school coaches will help our AAU coaches incorporate them into their teams. As a former high school coach, and current college coach I will do my best to be at a minimum of one practice per week for each team to lend advice and share knowledge with our players AND coaches.


We will separate ourselves from the other AAU programs in the area with the quality of coaches we staff our program with and by focusing on quality rather than quantity. In the first year or so I want to have no more than one team per age group, and focus on getting our players developed and improved. Years 2-3 would have teams fielded in every age group, including multiple teams in some age groups based on coaches, numbers, and talent. Ideally by year 5 we will have multiple teams in each age group and have at least one high school coach for 6th-11th grade teams as well as current and former college basketball coaches. Short term it will be unfortunate for those not selected for the team in their age group, but the house and travel leagues will be improving as well – the important thing is to stay involved with playing basketball at any level.


Our teams range in age of 10 years to 17 years and participate in various levels of organized basketball and showcase tournaments.  Purple Reign coaches are dedicated to making a positive impact and developing each athlete in preparing them for the next level of competition rather than focus solely on wins and losses. We will be outstanding citizens and give back to the community with our time and energy. Each team will plan and carry out at least one community service project per AAU basketball season. If you are looking to become a better basketball player, improve your skills, and get the best coaching in Northern Virginia - CYA Purple Reign is the program for you!


I will look to incorporate having Head Coaches from the local high school as well as some current and former college head coaches from D1, D2, D3 and JUCO will offer Q&A sessions with our players and families in year one. Coaching clinics by HS coaches and college coaches will be something that CYA Purple Reign will offer.


We would provide a positive experience, get to travel to places that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit and create basketball players instead of just kids who play basketball. Too many programs just want exposure instead of building the skills that will impress high school and college coaches during the games/tournaments – that is not what CYA Purple Reign is about!


Our coaches will focus on the “Holistic Approach”, The holistic approach looks at all aspects of the individual—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We have to keep in mind that athletes have other things going on in their lives besides the sports they play.