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CYA Travel Basketball Program: Winter 2019-20

Program Summary

During the winter season, CYA offers players with higher skill levels an opportunity to participate in the countywide Fairfax County Youth Basketball League -- commonly known as "Travel" or "Select". 

The Travel Program is not a developmental program.  The practice time is spent on team concepts and the expectation is that players are developing their fundamentals on their own time outside of practice.

Key information:

  • Travel coaches are re-selected each summer through an interview process.  
  • Tryouts are held for travel teams in grades 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in early October. 
  • Players must attend at least 2 tryouts.  After tryouts, the coaches select 10 players per team. 
  • The number of teams per age group is determined by the talent available at tryouts (with a maximum of 3 teams per age group).  
  • Practice begins as soon as the teams are selected.  The coach selects the practice days and Gym locations. These may change as the season transitions from the fall county gym allocation to the winter county gym allocation.
  • This program requires a greater time commitment from participants for practice (3 hours per week) and games (1-2 per week). 
  • The FCYBL season runs from mid-November through the beginning of March. 
  • Most games are played at gyms across Fairfax County (often outside the Chantilly area) and in Falls Church, Arlington, or Alexandria.

Player Eligibility

The travel teams are grade-based. This means anyone in the designed grade can participate as long as they are not more than 2 years older than others in that grade as of September 1st of that year.  For example, no player on the 6th grade team can be 13 as of September 1st of that year.  There are no age exceptions.  All players will be expected to provide documentation of their current grade along with proof of address selected to a team (typically a report card or a printout from FCPS SIS).

Eligible CYA players must reside in Fairfax County and, by FCYBL rules, are limited to our allocated zip codes (20171, 22033, 20151, 22124, 20120, 22030 and 20191) with two zip code exceptions allowed per team.

Note that FCYBL also strictly limits the number of players in 4th grade or below who can be selected to the 5th grade teams. For that reason, a separate qualifying tryout will be held for 4th graders prior to the 5th grade tryouts.  At this 4th grade tryout, a limited number of players will then be invited to participate in the 5th grade tryouts.


The coaches for the 2019-20 season were determined following an interview process and evaluation of previous years parent surveys.  CYA strives to provide coaches who emphasize sportsmanship and fairness. If there is an issue with a coach conduct you'd like to discuss, contact CYA Travel Basketball Coordinator, Phil Reed phil.reed@gmail.com.  

The 2019-2020 CYA Travel Coaches are:




G5 D1

Scott Dowling

G5 D2

Diana Mazid

G6 D1

Max Kang

G6 D2

Mark Murphy

G7 D1

Zak Mawloud

G7 D2

Ken Francis

G8 D1

Phil McConnell

G8 D2

Paul Jones

G8 D2

Umaselvan Rathinavelu


B5 D1

Carl Rosenblatt

B5 D2

Josh Martin

B5 D3

Nick Rivers

B6 D1

Paul Jones

B6 D2

Malik Robinson

B6 D3

Sam Lugo

B7 D1

Adrian Cubbage

B7 D2

Mike Utterback

B7 D3

JP Prochazka

B8 D1

Damon Lee

B8 D2

AC Smith

B8 D2

Brent Dann


Open Gyms

Open gyms for each travel team grade (5th through 8th) are open to everyone at the designated grade.  The travel coaches will supervise the open gyms providing some skills training and running scrimmages.  These are an opportunity for kids to get warmed up for the travel tryouts and season.  Participation is strictly voluntary.

Open Gym dates and times can be found on this site under the head coach name listed above.


Tryouts will begin Tuesday, October 1st and run through the first week of October. Checkout the tryout schedule for the specific tryout dates for your grade. If you cannot attend two tryouts, speak to the Coach to make arrangements to be evaluated.

Registration Information

You must be registered to tryout (there is no cost to register for tryouts).

Once the Travel tryouts conclude and the teams are selected, those players who made the teams will be sent an invitation to participate in our program and directed to register and pay for the Travel program.  Travel Program costs, uniform costs, spirit wear costs and any other supplemental fees will be determined and published here in the summer of 2019 prior to Open Gyms.

For those players who did not make the team, they will be notified and invited to sign up for our House program if they choose to do so. If someone signed up for House and made the travel team, they will be refunded that House registration fee.  

If you have any questions, please