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Game Start Time, Basketballs
by posted 01/21/2022

Hi All! 

I hope its been a good week for everyone. 

Game Start time:  The time listed on the schedule is the game start time. There is not an included "warm up" time on the schedule. If your players could arrive 10-15 minutes before that time, that would allow a few minutes to check in with the coach and get any pre game instructions. 

Covid-19: Also please remember, that if your child has been "paused" from in person school due to Covid-19, CYA's policy is that they are also paused from play. When they return to school, they can return to play. 

Basketball Delivery: Basketballs have finally arrived! I will pick them up tomorrow morning at 9am and drive them directly to Crossfields for the games to hand off to coaches at the end of the first game as well as at the second and third games. I plan to circle back at 1:30 to deliver to the last two games (four teams). 

Thank you all,


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Positive Covid Test
by posted 01/18/2022

Hi Coach Ferragamo's Team, 

Unfortunately one of the players tested postive for covid. This player was at the 11:30am game on Saturday. Here is the CDC guidance for your next steps. 


Please let me know if you have questions. 

Thank you,



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CYA Basketball Update
by posted 01/11/2022

Hi Parents,

First of all, an apology. I believed I had sent an email to all parents of 2nd grade boys in the basketball program this weekend, but apparently, I only posted it on the "team webpage", which is really not helpful. I apologize that this update is therefore late and for any confusion you may have had about practices this week. 

Thank you all for your patience with the pause in the Basketball season. You should have already received an email indicating that basketball resumes this week on our regular schedules. CYA is prioritizing keeping kids in school, and the situation will remain fluid over the next several weeks as CYA continually assesses options as we proceed with the season.

I also want to remind us all that this is a developmental league. Many/most of the children on these teams have never played basketball before and do not have a working knowledge of the rules of the game. I know I can get excited and animate and even loud cheering at games, we just need to make sure we lower the intensity to allow the kids to hear their coach so they can instruct. We as parents also need to make sure we are patiently watching the messiness that is the learning process.

Our goals this season are to develop skills, build an understanding of the game, and learn what it means to work as a team.

Also as a reminder, at this level, we are expected to reset the score at the end of each quarter to give the game a fresh beginning. Please remind any volunteers working the score board of this. 

After this extra long break, expect that games this weekend will look a lot like starting over from the beginning. This is ok.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Suzy Ivy

CYA League Administrator

Boys 2nd grade

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